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Healthy Summer Travel Tips!

Yes! We are officially in the summer season. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, your calendar is filling up with bbq’s, weekend adventures and travel plans. The world is opening back up as the pandemic slows, and we are ready for it. With so many trips and events cancelled last summer, many of us are eager to hit the road, jet set across the country (or world) and enjoy simple, backyard gatherings with friends and family. However, with the return of these adventures there may be a bit of apprehension that arises.  Let’s be real, it has been one tough year and while it is really exciting to think of getting out of the house, socializing and experiencing new places, these ideas may also create a bit of anxiety - especially when it comes to staying healthy this season.  Alas, we can in fact, carpe diem, enjoy the summer season, all while prioritizing health!  

First and foremost, warmer temps and sunnier days provide an excellent reason for you to get outside!  If your normal is to get your exercise in a gym or at home on your treadmill or spin bike, mix it up! Go for an outdoor bike ride or take a walk around the neighborhood.  Hey, you’ll probably even see a few smiling neighbors along your way - a nice change after being inside during the cooler months and the pandemic.  If you live near a hiking trail, plan a day trip to get some fresh air, sunshine and movement!  Spending time in nature can have an excellent effect on our health.  When was the last time you went for a hike in the forest, or a walk in the park and experienced high levels of stress?  Exactly.  The great outdoors not only offers us many opportunities for physical exercise, but also does wonders for our emotional well-being.  Oh, and our bodies have the ability to make vitamin D when we are exposed to the summer sunlight!  Vitamin D is necessary for a strong immune system, absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and proper development of our bones and teeth. Bonus!

Maybe you’re all about the road trips this summer, and why not?  If airport security, layovers and baggage claim already stress you out, then perhaps keeping your feet on the ground is the adventure for you! There are plenty of cool places to go within driving distance, and you can even plan some adventurous pit stops along the way.  There are great perks to avoiding the airport...Road trips allow you to explore those off the beaten path places you may have overlooked otherwise.  Another great thing about taking to the road is that you can bring along comforts from home, like your furry family member or fav pillow AND pack all of your meals and snacks!  Raise your hand if you’ve been on the road for hours, hangry as can be, and the only restaurant within hundreds of miles is one with, uh, very limited healthy choices.  Did you raise your hand?  I think we have all been there!  Packing a cooler full of nutrient-dense snacks, like an OHi Wholesome Bar, can be a game changer in situations like this.  Try prepping some fruits and veggies ahead of time, as they will last in the cooler for hours - along with a few OHi bars, as they can get soft, like chocolate does, if the temp starts to rise.  While the hotel mini fridge can be awfully, well, mini, OHi bars take up little to no room.  You can easily keep a stash in the mini fridge for breakfast, snacks or a superfood pick-me-up.  They are packed full of nutrients that will undoubtedly leave you satisfied and give you a natural energy boost!

If you’ve decided to hop on a plane and fly to your destination, maybe you’re wondering how to boost your immunity in order to avoid feeling run-down (no one wants to feel anything less than spectacular on vacation, am I right?).  Staying healthy before, during, and after your flight doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t require anything extreme on your part, just some added awareness when it comes to your health. Keep it basic: prioritize sleep, make sure your meals and snacks include nutrients that will help you to feel your best (ginger for immunity, turmeric for inflammation, beets for detoxification, and leafy greens which are packed full of antioxidants), drink enough water (½ -1 ounce of water for each pound you weigh), avoid any unnecessary stress and don’t plan any late night parties (there is definitely a time and place for these, but not right before you travel).  You can also pack a small cooler to take on the plane, like this Packit cooler which has a non-toxic, freezable gel built inside the walls of the cooler!  You simply fold it up, freeze it, then pack it up with your fruit, veggies, favorite OHi Bars and off you go! That way you won’t have to depend on that airport food or live off of airline pretzels.

The summer season is one of the most enjoyable times of the year, and we recommend taking full advantage of all it has to offer!  ‘Tis the season for outdoor fun, hitting the road (or sky) and enjoying the company of friends and family.  Spending time outside, in whatever capacity, can lift your spirits and do wonders for your overall health, so do it often!  The few extra moments needed to pack meals and snacks for the car or plane will be well worth it.  Not only will these good eats nourish and satisfy you, but they will eliminate any stressful decisions you may have to make while traveling.  Set yourself up for a fun, lighthearted summer by incorporating some of these healthy travel tips!

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